DarkRoomVR To Release 2 New Videos Weekly In June

Kinky 7K VR porn site DarkRoomVR has announced that it is doubling its normal release rate for the month of June, with two new videos each week promised. The site has a unique style which differentiates it from every other VR porn site. The spotlight is put on the actress, literally. Against a dark and almost sinister background, the brightly lit female actress has to make a decision as to whether to spread her legs for personal gain. Although the scenes depicted are obviously consensual, the girl is not having sex for any other reason than because it’s advantageous for her. That can be anything from pleasing her boss, or soothing the anger of the owner of the dog she just lost while walking it. With the spotlight on her, the girl is fucked hard. The scene usually ends with her face covered in sperm, and expressing the realization that she just whored out her body for personal gain.

Another advantage of the unique darkened background style of filming, is that their movies consquently lend themselves very well to the new VR porn viewing trend of ‘passthrough AR‘. The Oculus Quest 2 headset has a ‘passthrough’ mode, where you can see your real environment as well as the virtual world you are experiencing – in this case a VR porn movie. As you move slightly out of your ‘guardian boundary’, both the virtual and real world become mixed. The effect when watching a VR porn movie is astounding, with a feeling of having sex with the actress in your own familiar surroundings. The Oculus Quest 2 only has low resolution passthrough, but the forthcoming Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 Pro (known currently as ‘Project Cambria’) will have high resolution colur passthrough.

Last Warning (DarkRoomVR)

The beautiful Bambola has upset her boss time and time again. He is really not pleased with her work. He has given her a last warning, but she has messed up yet again. What is she to do? She realizes that there is still a chance to keep her job. She gets down on her knees, and unzips the pants of her boss..

Special Delivery (DarkRoomVR)

St.Martha was one of the finds of 2021 by the VirtualTaboo studio. Unfortunately, she only made a couple of videos for them, and then this video for sister site DarkRoomVR. You really do get to fuck her good in this one, so maybe she decided after this that porn was too much hard work after all. She’s an 18 year old girl masturbating on the sofa, waiting for her boyfriend to call, when a delivery man arrives with a bunch of flowers sent by her boyfriend. The horny delivery man wants a piece of the girl, and in her already aroused state, she submissively allows the man to bang her, including giving her a hard face fucking.