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Introducing 18 Year Old Czech Girl Rika Fane

18 year old Czech starlet Rika Fane is easily the most exciting new VR porn talent of 2022. Cute, nubile, and with a genuine love of sex, as well as a refreshing naturalness in front of the VR camera, this horny young girl is certain to be a superstar before long. With the likes of Stacy Cruz now getting ready to either retire or transition into MILF work, we were long overdue the arrival of a new generation of fresh faced teen talent to take over the adult metaverse, and hopefully Rika Fane is going to lead the way and is just the first of many new stars.

Rika actually made her debut in February in a real VR audition movie for Czech VR Casting. No doubt the lucky producer took one look at her pretty face and knew he had a star on his hands right away, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t get to test drive her tight little body out first, just to be sure, hehe. However, the genuineness of her casting movie, and the fact that she was 18 and just so God Damn beautiful, led me to fear that Rika might be a ‘one and done’ VR pornstar, who decides that the life isn’t for her. My fears only increased as the weeks passed and we moved into Spring without seeing any more of Rika’s pert teen body in VR.

Tiny Newbie For Casting (Czech VR Casting)

I virtually fucked young Rika over a dozen times in this movie, each time pounding her deliciously ripe body harder than before, frustrated at the lack of new material featuring this new teen goddess. Then in April, Rika re-appeared. This time, she featured for sister site Czech VR in a four girl two part Easter special.

Easter Game (Czech VR)

Despite being only 18 and new to VR porn, Rika does an amazing job of holding her own with the other (older) girls in this video. There doesn’t seem to be any tricks that they can show her that she doesn’t already know. Although the other 3 girls are pretty in their own right, the Czech VR producers were wise enough to know that it’s Rika you really want to fuck the hardest, and she is certainly the centerpiece of this Easter special orgy. All of the above movies (full versions) are in 8K VR.

Any doubts that Rika wasn’t in this for the long haul disappeared this month (May), when the beautiful Czech angel made her debut for another top studio – VirtualRealPorn. Again filmed in lush 8K, Rika has already made two fantastic movies for the original virtual reality porn studio.

Ski-Trip (VirtualRealPorn)

Rika teams up with her older friend Venera Maxima, in this classic ‘come in from the cold’ movie, that sees her and Venera in need of having their tight bodies warmed up with your cock, after returning home from a ski-trip.

Study Break (VirtualRealPorn)

Here the 18 year old cutie has a new look – a geeky college student with her head in her books. Of course, the cheeky angel is not fooling anybody, and within the first minute of the movie, she has taken her head out of her book and started to give you head.