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Rika Fane First Woman In History To Fuck 1 Million Men?

Czech teen sensation Rika Fane is still only 19 years young, and yet has already starred in over 250 porn videos, with quite a percentage of them being in virtual reality. She likely isn’t the most active VR pornstar in total, but at her present rate, she could well be within the next few years. But even if she hasn’t yet made the most number of VR porn movies, she is already one of the most popular. Her movies have appeared on just about all the top VR porn videos, and nearly every member subscribed to those sites will surely have fucked her at least once. So could Rika become the first woman in history to have sex with over 1 million men?

VR Porn Is In A Very Real Sense Sex With The Actress

Watching a VR porn POV movie is an experience totally unlike regular fapping to a 2D porno. You truly feel you are having sex with the actress. She looks into your eyes, she kisses you, she can even whisper in your ear, and then she sucks you, and you look down and it appears to be your cock that she is sucking. By the time you get to penetrating her, you are lost in a world of erotic immersion in which you can easily forget that this isn’t ‘reality’. But it is virtual reality, and it’s as close to having real sex as it is simply jerking off to a porn movie. If you add a haptic sex toy synched with the movie’s script, the intensity and immersion is ramped up even further. So, I believe in a very literal sense, that a VR porn viewer is having sex with the actress (or actor), or at least experiencing the intimacy of the sex act in a highly realistic way.

Who Is Rika Fane And Will She Be The First To (Virtually) Fuck A Million Men?

Rika Fane is a 19 year old girl who first shot to fame in her home country by appearing in the Czech version of American Idol (or Pop Idol). Noted for being a shy and geeky looking teen girl, she won the hearts of the nation. No doubt they were stunned when she turned 18 and almost immediately began a career as a hardcore pornstar. Scarcely a year later, and young Rika is now the veteran of over 250 movies.

Tiny Newbie For Casting (Czech VR Casting)

Clearly, no women before VR was capable of having sex with more than a few thousand men at most, in her entire lifetime. Virtual reality changes that. One woman can pleasure potentially the entire male population of the planet. No doubt, already a number of VR pornstars have had sex with more men than any woman before them. But there is a good case to be made that Rika Fane has already reached the magical million mark.

There are currently around 20 million VR headsets in the world. The vast majority are men, and quite likely, a fair percentage will have subscribed to at least one VR porn site. A conservative estimate is that 1 in 10 would have paid for a VR porn subscription, making there aproximately 2 million VR porn subscribers. It would only take 50% of those VR porn subscribers to have fucked Rika in virtual reality, to reach the one million mark. This is quite possible given Rika’s huge popularity and appearance at all the top VR porn sites.

It’s very likely that a few VR porn actresses have already been fucked in virtual reality by over 1 million men. So Rika might not have been the first. She is almost certainly, however, the first to reach that landmark whilst still a teenager.. And young Rika might well become the first woman in history to fuck over ten million men. With the total size of the VR headset market expected to double every 2 – 3 years, and bring a corresponding growth in the VR porn audience with it, then Rika could reach 10 million men within the next five years, especially if she remains as active as she has been.

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