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VRCosplayX was the first VR porn site dedicated to the popular niche of cosplay. It mixes costume roleplay featuring figures from Japanese manga and popular video games, with porn parodies of block buster fantasy movies such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

The site is made by the famous studio behind BadoinkVR, 18VR, and other successful and established VR porn pay sites. Like all of the Badoink studio stable of virtual reality sites, it’s highly rated by fans and undoubtedly the most popular cosplay VR porn site.

One new 5K movie each week, featuring a beautiful and usually well-known actress in a beautiful and accurate costume, and a well thought out and designed setting to match the cosplay theme. As of July 2019, members have access to around 150 full length cosplay virtual reality porn videos.

Free VRCosplayX Video Trailers

Star Wars Slave Leia – Stacy Cruz

Gorgeous young Czech actress Stacy Cruz plays the part of Princess Leia, who has just been freed from the clutches of the disgusting Jabba the Hut, and is now eager to suck your (Han Solo’s) cock!

Harry Pudder – Stella Cox

British babe Stella Cox stars as a barely legal Harry Potter companion, out to prove that now she’s all grown up, she can cast some very sexy spells indeed.

Lord Of The Rings – Jennifer White

Beautiful cosplay VR porn parody of the Lord of the Rings epic lets you fuck a female elve for the first time in your life through the magic of cosplay and virtual reality.

Assassin’s Creed Cosplay Parody – Anna Polina

As Arno from Assassin’s Creed, you’re disguised in Templar robes. You’ve managed to meet your sweetheart Elise at your secret rendezvous point, and now you’re both determined to make the most of the hour together you have!

Death Note XXX A Porn Parody – Sicilia Model

One of the most beautiful young blondes in VR porn – Sicilia Model – stars in this sexy cosplay take off of the popular Japanese manga series.