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StasyQvR is a unique softcore VR erotica site that features many different beautiful young models posing, teasing, and stripping in varying states of undress. It is the VR version of established softcore glamour site StasyQ. Most of the models are making their first appearance in virtual reality, and have only ever appeared in soft erotic videos before, many of them only for StasyQ. One new video is released each week, and there are over 170 videos uploaded so far. A 12 month subscription costs only $6.95 a month.

A Unique And Beautiful Virtual Reality Site

Out of the dozens of VR porn pay sites that are now available, StasyQVR stands out in a unique way. No sex scenes, and not even any explicit masturbation. So why would you even want to take an interest in such a site? Because it’s the most exquisitely beautiful adult VR site out there, featuring truly stunning models, often girls who never have and never will star in any sex or even masturbation scenes. And the girls are so beautiful, and the quality of the VR production so excellent, that these videos and being with the girls as they strip and tease, is enough to get most red blooded men off. At least, any true male connoisseur of youthful, nubile (and often Russian) female beauty.

The Most Erotic And Beautiful VR Porn Videos

StasyQVR have brought high class erotica into the world of virtual reality. As mentioned, some of the models featured have only ever appeared in softcore erotica, usually for StasyQ, an established Met-Art style high class . However, this is more than simply erotica, because in VR you are practically with the girl as she reveals her naked and always nubile body to you. Sometimes the girls are very fresh and have hardly appeared anywhere else, if at all. For example, a genuine 18 year old Russian model (Alexandra Smelova) was recently showcased.

These videos are also very much different to other ‘solo girl’ VR movies from most other sites, and not just in the fact there is no explicit masturbation. The girls are followed by you/the VR cameras around the scene, which are usually beautiful and atmospheric apartments, as they tease you in sexy outfits such as stockings and suspenders. Although the girls do not masturbate in the scene, it’s usually very clear that they are feeling horny as hell, whether they ‘warmed up’ beforehand, or else simply the fact that their bodies are being perved on by unseen strangers in virtual reality is a big turn on for them.

Comfort Passion Featuring BerylQ

Seductive Charms Featuring CherylQ

Conclusion – Is StasyQVR Worth It?

A unique and truly beautiful site that provides a very different experience in virtual reality than nearly all of the other sites out there. A new video each week, nearly always featuring a different model, and they are usually stunningly beautiful. Without the limitations imposed by a male actor, this kind of flowing erotic VR feels very natural and intimate. If you enjoy soft erotic porn, then this is a must join VR site. And indeed, most VR porn fans will get something out of this site. $6.95 a month is good value for 4 highly polished VR experiences each week, while the $199 lifetime membership is also a good option.

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