Virtual Pee


Virtual Pee is the only current virtual reality porn site dedicated to the fetish of pissing fun. For a niche VR site, it’s been surprisingly going steady for several years now, updating with a new movie likes clockwork once a week, and now with over 100 VR piss videos in their archive.

The First VR Pissing Site

Produced by a studio with a long experience in the speciality of pee fetish videos (there other major site is the non virtual reality VIPissy, one of the top pissing porn pay sites). The site was launched a few years back when it seemed that virtual reality and VR porn was on a rapid upward trajectory. That hasn’t turned out to be the case (yet!), but credit to the studio for sticking with Virtual Pee and continuing to update with a new film every 7 days.

Models Are Not The Best Quality

One disappointing thing for me about the site is the quality of the models. Mostly European (especially Czech) pornstars, for the most part they aren’t the same top tier models that you see on other VR porn sites.

Now you might suppose that this is simply because fewer VR pornstars are willing to appear in pissing videos, which would make sense. Only, on the 2D sister site (VIPissy, many VR porn regulars – such as Paula Shy – are featured, happily piss guzzling and getting urine soaked. So I really don’t know what the reason would be other than that the studio aren’t spending so much money on their VR site and will focus the higher wage demanding stars on to their 2D flagship site. Pity.

In fact, to be honest, Virtual Pee does have the feel of a site where not too much effort is being made, other than to keep it going in the hope that virtual reality will take off in a bigger way soon, and niche VR such as a VR pissing site, will eventually become very profitable.

Alternatives For VR Piss Fans To Virtual Pee

As a pissing fan myself, I would love it if Virtual Pee was as good as their sister site, but presently, it’s not. I’d still recommend it if you are a fan of golden rain too, as it is the only dedicated VR piss site. However, consider also the alternative of CzechVRFetish. A more broad fetish virtual reality site, it regularly features piss videos, and the quality is superb, with many of the VR peeing scenes taking place outdoors.

CzechVRFetish - Lovita Fate - Upskirt