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VR Bangers Releases New Interactive Game ‘Agent 69’

VR Bangers are the only top studio to release interactive VR porn games. At their site Dezeyred, they had previously homed two different extensive VR porn games, each with multiple girls, scenes, and actions. Each promises hours of potential game play before you exhaust all the different possibilities. The games have won rave reviews from VR porn fans, and have proven to be a popular sucess for the brand. Now they have announced the addition of a third game to their stable. ‘Agent 69’ features the gorgeous young actress Waitress Maddy, together with two other hot American babes in the form of Jane Manypenis and Luciana Stuffin. The game puts you at the center of a sexy spy thriller, with businesswomen, waitresses, and even a female rival secret agent, all left drooling for a taste of your cock. One exciting feature of the game is that players can choose between 180 and full 360 degree views.

As you can see from the trailer above, it’s more than just a typical VR porn movie. Even aside from the interactive game play, you can see how lavish the production is. And through adding this element of interactivity into the VR porn movie, a whole new level of immersion is created. Rather than simply enjoying the passive POV of the male actor, you are in control of the action, at least to a large extent. The feeling that you are actually fucking the girls is heightened, and it’s all a much more intense experience than a regular VR porn movie. Plus, with the interactivity and choices you can make to steer the action, it doesn’t become stale after a few views, as the average VR porn video will. Agent 69 promises over 9 hours of gameplay, which is even more than the previous two games released by VR Bangers/Dezyred.

The game stars Maddy May, Ana Foxxx and Katie Morgan “playing some really interesting and interactive roles, and every single person interested in spending some time with them will surely enjoy the process of getting to know them and discovering their sexual secrets,” said a rep. “Inside Agent 69, you can become a top-secret agent; it will be all up to you whether you’re going to bang the girls — or die trying.”

The game is compatible with most VR headsets and can be played in both 180- and 360-degree field of view.

Inside the game, users can unlock plenty of interesting content and “really move around an entire estate, which takes the interactiveness of this newest release to a brand-new level … it’s definitely worth discovering every nook and cranny of the game.”

Two more interactive games are scheduled for release later this year.

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